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COPASI – Model of Molecular lactose mRNA Operon Regulation and Proteins Expression

Posted By ThePublisher on Nov 27, 2017 |

Model Short Description

 Bioinformatic Simulation Model of lac operon proteins and mRNA induced by presence of lactose and glucose. The model is based on a Biotechnology Thesys Work at University of L’AQUILA, ITALY. The model include Repressor mRNA and translated proteinlacZ-mRNA and protein (B-galactosidase), lacY-mRNA and protein (lactose permease)lacA-mRNA and protein (thiogalactoside transacetylase). Further include the signaling pathway of cAMP signal and CAP protein that enhance the trascription of lac operon when low levels of glucose are reached. The model consider a 3 levels trascription activation based on past molecular scientific works.

Software Platform: COPASI

File format: .cps

File Size: 259 kB

Official Version: 1

OrganismEscherichia coli

Author: Gabrielli Giorgio

Model: Molecular lactose (lac) Operon regulation and proteins expression

Model Reactions number: 46